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Entering and leaving a building, whether a hospital, bank, large store, school, airport or office block, was once something staff and visitors alike did without a second thought.

It was access based on good faith and trust. Sadly, that increasingly no longer seems to be the case. For larger organisations not just entrances and exits, but within the building itself lack of door security can pose problems

The solution is the installation of an effective, and simple-to-use access control system. To ensure that the access system is tailored to your needs, we can offer a wide range of technologies from Door Intercoms, Card and Proximity Tokens to Biometric Recognition and Hands Free Systems.

We can advise you on a range of products from simple door application to an all-encompassing computerized system.

In fact further features can be added, including Photo ID Card Printing, Remote Link, Alarm Monitoring, Visitor Administration, Cashless Credit and Debit and Roll/Call, Time & Attendance Reporting.