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Glarelite Offline Promotion.

1. Word of Mouth

We perform activities like sending manual messengers at residences of your specific locality on weekends to get them associated with us. We collect their details and hand over our Discount Cards, with a list of our premium sellers in their locality, where they can avail this discount by presenting their cards.

2. Hands-out and Discount Cards

We cover parking lots of major markets, showrooms, shopping complex, and giant stores to distribute hand outs showing your offers and Discounts by signing up with you .

3. Ground Marketing

We take up several micro level activities at major check points having more than 1 million footfalls per day.
These include
- Joggers Park Activity
- Metro Station Peak Hours

4. Newspaper Stickers

Stickers on the front page of newspaper have the maximum visibility and reach if delivered on weekends because they do not fly away like fliers. Hence we cover a total of at least upto 10000 residences and repeat it twice on Saturday & Sunday for a month, so as to convince one to join us as a registered user.