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CCTV Servillance System

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is now a familiar and accepted part of our lives, its advantages are obvious: apart from being a visual deterrent, it provides constant surveillance - it never sleeps!

Continuous monitoring of premises and people whether overt or covert can be achieved. High quality digital recording systems allow for an array of storage and transmission facilities that can provide you with the information you require from wherever in the world you happen to be. Such accessibility of information is not only a powerful tool against crime but also an excellent management tool in the control of staff, monitoring of production lines, the prevention of false insurance claims and an effective enforcer of Health and Safety legislation. These facilities are not just the domain of large companies but are now accessible for small businesses and homes. Wherever there's a lack of security, potential risk or concern CCTV can provide a vigilant eye.

Increasingly it has become standard practice to have off site remote monitoring of a CCTV system, which means of course that the police and other security agencies can be alerted when incidents are detected.

We have the technical expertise to specify from a vast range of products available for a system to meet your requirements whether it is for a basic observation system or a fully integrated package with remote monitoring.